August is here!

It has been a crazy first week of August for our family, so this might be more of a lengthy update!

We are officially Ohioans! Our address and state IDs have legally been changed, which is so weird to us, considering that neither Austin or I have ever lived anywhere but good Ol’ Indiana.

To start August off right, Austin fell over Goose (our goldendoodle) while playing outside and we ended up making a quick trip to Urgent Care. After a few x-rays and a ace bandage on his ankle, Austin was good as new, well kinda. He got lucky and it ended up being just a really bad sprain. We were worried with PA school starting next week for him, that it might have been something worse, so we had it checked out right away.

A few days later we made a trip back to Indianapolis, IN for a Jon Bellion concert. I had bought Austin tickets for this concert Christmas last year before we found out that we were moving away. We also had dinner at one of our favorite resturants in Fountain Square. It was Just the date we needed after feeling a little home sick for Indy.

The Canal
the Hawaiian shirt

We left Indiana as soon as the concert was over because we had let Goose stay overnight at his daycare for a sleepover and we had to pick him up early the next morning.

I had been studying all of last week for an EKG test required for my job in the Cath Lab and it had been taking up most of my weeknight time. It’s safe to say that this experience of ‘text book studying’ has reminded me why I did not go back to school after I graduated with my AS of Science in Radiography last year. Thank goodness that Miss. Honey was around to keep me company while I studied. I also started taking call at my new job, so I will most likely be much busier from here on out. (I love to pick up call!)

Honey is the best study buddy that anyone could ask for!

We realized a few days after picking Goose up from his overnight stay at daycare, that he might have rough housed with the other doggies just a little too much while he was there. Turns out that he had tore his Carpal paw pad in half (we looked it up and I guess it can be common in active dogs) and we have been cleaning it and wrapping it in coban every day, hoping that it heals up on its own.

Patient Information : Goose Sandlin, DOB 09/23/2017, MRN 317WOOF

Today, Austin and I went to the Jeep Festival in Toledo, OH. If you know me, you know that my love for Jeeps is real. Watching the Jeep parade was like a dream come true. Ironic that we moved to a city that has such a strong love for Jeeps too!

Toledo Jeep Fest

And that is all for our early August update, see ya next week!

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