Hi, I’m that redhead.

You can call me Robyn Rae, Robyn, Rob, or even ‘that redhead’.

By now, I am sure you have figured out that you are reading my brand-spankin-new blog! Just a quick heads up before we get started, I did not go to school for spelling, grammar, or writing; my degree is in Science, the study of Radiography. So, I am sure that all of the English majors out there reading my blog, will be relieved to know that. Now that we have put that little fun fact behind us, welcome to my page! I am just a pretty average lady, living a pretty average life. I am hoping to document about my daily adventures for you to read and enjoy.

Here is a little bit more about me:

  • I am a wife to a Physicians Assistant student
  • Fur mom to a Goldendoodle & Siberian Cat
  • Registered Technologist, Radiography
  • Jeep lover, beep beep!
  • Hiker/Trail enthusiast/Dog Walker
  • Baker (just for the love of food, not professionally)
  • A 22 year old, just trying to figure out how to live her life

Come back & visit anytime!

Indiana to Ohio

You may, or may not be wondering why I randomly decided to start a blog.

It’s mostly because my husband, Austin, and I just made a move from Indiana to Ohio earlier this month and I have bored out of my mind without our friends and family near us. Now I know what you are all thinking, “Big deal, Ohio is only a single state over from Indiana.” Well that single state, that 4 (ish) hour drive, feels like we are over seas sometimes. The home sickness is real.


Honestly though, even though we are lacking our friends and family, Ohio really isn’t that bad!


  • Because we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and most importantly, each other!
  • And believe it or not, Ohio has the most amazing metro-parks to hike at!

Why did we move:

  • Austin was accepted to the University of Toledo’s Physicians Assistant Program, he starts in August!
  • So I decided to yet again, do a bit of career changing and I started a job in a Cardiac Cath Lab. I was formally a Interventional Rad Technologist, and a general X-ray Technologist.
  • And we are young and it is just us and the pets, so we figured we might as well fly the coop while we still could!

Austin has been trying his best during his time off before school to be a good husband and help me adjust to my new 10 hour shifts at work by cleaning the house and attempting to cook. But honestly 9/10 times, I would prefer to cook myself. I love trying new cookbooks and pinterest recipes. I actually have a few of my favorite recipes that I will probably be sharing with you later this week!

You probably have eyes, so I am sure you noticed our little fur babies in the picture above! We refer to those cute kids as Honey & Goose. Honey is our 3 year old Siberian Cat, also referred to as Siberian Forest Cat or Moscow Longhair Neva Masquerade. I know what you are thinking, ‘Rob, Why do you have such a fancy cat?’ Well, because they are hypoallergenic! She is a hefty 18 lbs of fur and fun. She loves to snuggle, sleep, chit chat (she is seriously very noisy for a cat), and play with her little brother Goose! Goose is our (almost) 2 year old standard Goldendoodle, who is also hypoallergenic. Can you tell that I have serious allergies or what? He is a wild thing: coming in at a whopping 85 lbs of pure energy. He is my hiking, shopping, cuddling, and car riding partner. Seriously, anywhere that Goose is aloud to come with me, he is there!

Honey & Goose

All in all, despite having to pack up our tiny third floor apartment in Indiana and make a long 4 hour drive to Ohio (it seriously felt like it was 1000 years of driving that day), I think all four of us have finally started to settle in to our new home.

We miss you, Indiana!

Thanks for having us, Ohio!