The Market

Austin and I love love love fresh groceries, but then again who doesn’t! Most people will say that its too expensive to shop healthy and fresh, but Austin and I have found a loophole to this problem, farmers markets. We are lucky that we have almost always lived within a few minutes of local farmers markets.

Every Thursday, Austin, Goose and I head over to the Perrysburg Farmers market to get our fresh groceries. This happens to be one of Goose’s favorite activities. We never take more than $20 with us and we always end up more than enough delicious, fresh, locally grown food to last us throughout the week.


This week we picked up some homemade jam for Austin’s breakfast and sometimes we even use it for our dessert! Our favorite flavors right now are blueberry cloud and strawberry rhubarb.

We also bought:

  • sweet corn for grilling
  • peaches for snacking on
  • the most delicious zucchinis to make bread out of and to eat as a side with spaghetti
  • these beautiful bell peppers that we will use to mix and match in our evening omelets (breakfast for dinner is a household favorite here) or with chicken and rice for lunch!

Go check out your local farmers market!