workin on my fitness

Being healthy isn’t always easy, so I have set some ‘New state, New Fitness’ goals for myself sense we have moved!

Austin and I have joined a cross fit gym here in Ohio and so far so good. I have recently learned that even though the provided gym equipment can be nice to use, its not the only thing you can do to work out. To keep things interesting, we have been trying new workouts using tires, sledge hammers, sleds, rope, exercise balls, and kettlebells.

For more examples of some of the workouts we have been doing, check out my workout pins on pintrest!

The gym is not for everyone though, in fact, some days its not for me even! There are so many ways to be active and live a healthy life style, so here are a few more of my fitness routines that I have been working on.

I ran cross county for about 3 years while in middle school. So I thought to myself, that if I was able to run on a regular basis when I was younger, then what was stopping me from getting back out and running again? When in reality nothing was stopping me except for myself, and I have decided to change that. To hold myself accountable to this new running goal, I decided to sign Goose and I up for a 5K in October. We haven’t made it much farther than 1.5 miles yet, but we still have time. I haven’t given up hope yet!

And finally, my favorite way to stay active is hiking!

Oak Openings Metropark

Ohio just so happens to have some of the most amazing Metroparks available to everyone, for free, everyday! I will touch more on these parks a little later in the week. But I find hiking to be the most relaxing exercise that I am always able to do even on days that I don’t feel my best! And it makes me feel even better knowing that my dog was able to enjoy being outside with me!