Hi, I’m that redhead.

You can call me Robyn Rae, Robyn, Rob, or even ‘that redhead’.

By now, I am sure you have figured out that you are reading my brand-spankin-new blog! Just a quick heads up before we get started, I did not go to school for spelling, grammar, or writing; my degree is in Science, the study of Radiography. So, I am sure that all of the English majors out there reading my blog, will be relieved to know that. Now that we have put that little fun fact behind us, welcome to my page! I am just a pretty average lady, living a pretty average life. I am hoping to document about my daily adventures for you to read and enjoy.

Here is a little bit more about me:

  • I am a wife to a Physicians Assistant student
  • Fur mom to a Goldendoodle & Siberian Cat
  • Registered Technologist, Radiography
  • Jeep lover, beep beep!
  • Hiker/Trail enthusiast/Dog Walker
  • Baker (just for the love of food, not professionally)
  • A 22 year old, just trying to figure out how to live her life

Come back & visit anytime!